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Sorensen describes her work as “exaggerated realism”, where the colors, scale, contrast and lighting are pushed just beyond reality. Her popular still lifes evoke the beauty of nature, and then heighten it with vibrant colors, brilliant light and dancing shadows.  Their sensuality draws you in, making the viewer want to breathe in the sweet aroma of the luminous flowers or bite into a luscious pear.  Ora’s laborious method of oil painting uses many layers of thin transparent oil paint to give a deep jewel like glow to the surfaces of the painting’s subject matter.


Sorensen was born in New York but grew up overseas in such countries as Libya, Turkey, Iran, Holland and Thailand.  Throughout her travels, Ora spent a lot of time drawing and painting as a child, taking workshops from artists all over the world.  Ora owned an art gallery in Delray Beach, Florida for twenty years, and her paintings have been shown in many exhibitions over the past decades.  Sorensen currently lives and paints in North Carolina.


Ora’s latest projects include a commission for the Cleveland Clinic in Naples, Florida as well as five commissioned paintings for the lobby of the new Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.  Ora has been a contributing columnist to THE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE and THE ARTIST’S MAGAZINE.  Her blogs and articles may be found at THE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE website:


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